Toot the Tiny Tugboat

A colourful preschool animated series based on the book “Toot and Pop!” by Sebastien Braun.

Toot The Tiny Tugboat (52 x 11) is a colourful preschool animated series based on the book ‘Toot and Pop!’ by Sebastien Braun.

The show follows the adventures of Toot, an eager and ambitious little tugboat in his first year of service. Under the watchful eye of Lenny the Lighthouse and his special cast of friends, Toot’s job is to lead big boats into the harbour and rescue ships in distress. However, Toot is prone to mistakes and sometimes he neglects his duties in favour of fun. Luckily, he learns very quickly and is always keen to get back on board with his cheerful shout of ‘Heave Ho! Let’s Go!’

The nautical theme flowing throughout the series is beautifully combined with aspirational stories that promote imagination, community and learning. The series is being shown on Channel 5’s Milkshake, S4C, Cartoonito and Netflix now.

With all the series animation being produced here by the Cloth Cat Animation team, Toot The Tiny Tugboat is being made by Lupus Films, the award-winning creators of ‘The Snowman & The Snowdog’, and Boom Kids, the largest independent producer of children’s programming in the UK.

Cloth Cat sister company Thud Media has developed and released the official Toot website and a HTML5 web game Wayne the Crane Game, with iOS games soon to follow.


Produced by

Lupus Films, Cloth Cat Animation

Aired on

Channel 5 Milkshake, S4C, Netflix