Disney’s Tales of Friendship

Robert Webb reads and acts the adventures of Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger, visiting all the favourite locations in The Hundred Acre Wood. The series was produced in four languages, English, Italian, Spanish and German with a new presenter reading the stories each time.

Filming took place at NEP Studios in Cardiff, on an 18m x 16m greenscreen with a Red Epic camera. The landscape and buildings of The Hundred Acre Wood were taken from the book illustrations and repainted to adapt them for the virtual set. The set was built in Maya and then exported to Nuke for compositing and rendering.

“The multi-lingual series was also filmed with different actors in German, Italian and Spanish using the same backdrop. Rather than building a gigantic, costly, and inflexible set, Boom Pictures called in the folks at Bait Studio to complete the illusion seamlessly using VFX” – The Foundry

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Produced by

Cloth Cat Animation, Boom Kids, Maga Animation

Aired on

Disney Jr