Partridge in a Bear Tree – Coming Soon!

Winter is fast approaching, and everyone is getting ready for a nice long sleep… but a certain Little Partridge can’t quite contain her excitement! What could possibly go wrong?

It’s true! Here at Cloth Cat HQ we are busy working away on something hugely exciting…and feathery! We can now announce that we have been working with the brilliant Sophie Dutton on a top secret short film called ‘Partridge in a Bear Tree’.

‘I’m beyond excited to be working with Cloth Cat to bring Partridge in a Bear Tree to life. The studio was my first creative home, so I know first-hand how amazingly talented (and hilarious) the crew are! I’ve been blown away by what I’ve seen of Partridge so far, and I can’t wait to see what surprises the next few weeks have in store.’ Mother Partridge (Sophie Dutton)

Sophie Dutton is an animation scriptwriter and artist with writing credits on Luo Bao Bei (Channel 5’s Milkshake!) and Go Jetters (CBeebies). Together with her partner Jake Harvey, she created animated short film Lost, which won AniJam 2017 and was shown at Encounters Film Festival and Cardiff Animation Festival. Now London-based, Sophie is currently writing on Hey Duggee (CBeebies) and LOVING IT.

Sophie was on our writing team for Luo Bao Bei and we are delighted to be developing this short film with her. Whilst trying not to give too much away, we can reveal there’s partridges, bears and unsurprisingly trees involved. Keep your eyes peeled for more sneak peaks coming soon, including our stellar cast!

26 October 2018